Boys over flowers

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Boys over flowers

Post  susanalee on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:19 pm

jandi-main character, a commoner and loves to swim. At the beginning falls in love with Ji Hoo but later goes out with Gu Jun Pyo. Later is involve in a love triangle with Gu Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo.

Gu Jun Pyo- main character, is the riches of all F4, has an inmature personality bout is really kind-hearted. He is also the leader of F4. At the beginning hates Jandi but later falls madly in love with her.

Ji Hoo- he is in love with Seo Hyun (his first love) but later falls in love with jandi. He is a great musician but he always shows up using his violin.

Yi Jung-He is the cuttest one and is very good at ceramics.Althought he is the biggest player of F4, he is gentle and warm-hearted.

Song Woo Bin-(he is not so important) he is the son of giant corporation in the construction industry.

Ga Eul- she is jandi's best friend and always is helping her, especially with Gu Jun Pyo. Later falls in love with Yi Jung.


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